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Justin Herbert’s new look

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justin herbert new look deepersport

Justin Herbert is a quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers and has been doing quite remarkable this season.

Although the team’s record is two wins and seven losses, it does not really show how good of a job Justin Herbert has been doing this year. One thing the rookie has been known for was his hair. It really represents the San Diego surfer vibe, with his very long locks and goatee. Although Justin Herbert just got this all cut off over the week between the game on Sunday and yesterday.

Before he got it cut, he even earned a sponsorship from Head and Shoulders for how great his hair looked. Although now he certainly will not be needing as much shampoo anytime soon. If you have not seen a picture of his new haircut yet I recommend you to scroll down and enjoy his new look. Justin Herbert shaved it all off. Literally, his haircut was a straight buzzcut like your mom gives you in the sink instead of taking you to a barbershop. Of course, this caught fans by surprise, but had them laughing all over the country.

There have been many memes created using his image, because now he looks like a fourteen-year-old boy who only plays video games in their parents’ basement. When asked about why Justin Herbert got the haircut, he said there was no particular reason behind it besides the basic fact that it was getting too long. Justin Herbert simply felt like it was time for a cut.

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