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Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Ring Sells Big!

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Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Ring Sells Big deepersport

In this day and age, almost everyone has heard of the name Patrick Mahomes. If you have not heard this name, you are really missing out. The Kansas City Chiefs are the lucky football team that gets to call Patrick Mahomes their quarterback.

Although he was a little-known player until Alex Smith left, Patrick Mahomes has really risen to stardom since then. Enough so, that Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to a super bowl victory last year.

Towards the start of the season the team received their super bowl rings and, of course, these rings were all iced out, and were created with the utmost precision as they should be. With the team logo on the front and the team’s victories on the inside of the ring, those are certainly special rings after all. And very expensive too.

One of those rings, owned by a running back on the Chiefs practice squad, was auctioned few days ago. It was not disclosed as to why the running back was selling this ring, but nonetheless he decided to monetize it. It could be possible that he simply felt as if it were unearned since he did not play in any actual games. Or maybe he was just short on cash, because of being towards the lower end of the league. Who knows?

However, going back to the auction, the opening bid was a cool thirty five thousand dollars, no small price. Now the auction house will not openly announce the winning bid, but one collector placed a bid at seventy thousand dollars, double the original price. Hopefully, he won for that much money, but I guess we will never know. Overall, it certainly is a cool ring, but is it really worth a little under a hundred thousand dollars?

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