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Kepa and Mesut Ozil: Perfect Cases of Mismanagement

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From Kepa Arrizabalaga’s exclusion to Mesut Ozil not being registered as an Arsenal Premier League player, both Chelsea and Arsenal seem to share the art of bad management.

Kepa Arrizabalaga, the goalkeeper who cost 80 million, has been put on the bench by Chelsea and no one seems to understand why this huge investment happened if coach Frank Lampard is not interested in using the player. A harming move to both the club’s finances and Kepa’s future as a goalie. This resembles a lot of the bad management by Arsenal who are paying Özil more than Euro300,000 a week for not playing.

Chelsea had to make some big decisions in the summer of 2018. Now, without the icon Thibaut Courtois guarding the goal, it was crucial to get a new and great substitute for the club. The problem? The most wanted were impossible to get and the other one’s weren’t good enough to make the club’s investors feel safe by relying on them. The solution was Kepa, who seemed to be someone really appreciated by the Chelsea to continue the legacy of great goalkeeping after stints from Petr Cech and Thibault Courtois.

As Kepa is only 23 years old, Chelsea paid Athletic Bilbao 80 million to get him to play for them. He started big as being the most expensive keeper ever in football history. The general opinion on Kepa was never unanimous, as a lot of his mistakes seemed to over-shine his solid performances. Frank Lampard seemed to prefer using the veteran Willy Caballero and he even asked for another goalkeeper to be bought, after the club spent 80 million to fill this position.

Seems weird but the truth is that Edouard Mendy, who costed only approximately Euro25 million, was bought for the position and, now, it seems that he is having more success than Kepa. With Petr Cech being part of the goalkeepers list for Chelsea as a 4th option, Kepa seems to be a third option for Frank Lampard. Obviously, such management doesn’t make the fans happy if the results don’t match the spending.

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