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Kevin Love battles depression and suicidal thoughts

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Kevin Love is a professional basketball player in the NBA. Love has played for the Minnesota Timberwolves and has had a long tenure on the Cleveland Cavaliers most recently.

During his time with the Cavaliers, his teammate Lebron James encouraged Kevin Love to use his spotlight for social reform, something that Lebron has done transparently. Kevin Love has since used his platform to talk about the topic of mental health and depression, saying that he himself struggles with depression. The topic did not really surface again until a recent interview from this past week.

Love had a much deeper discussion about his personal battles with depression to the point where he began talking about suicide. He stated that during his time of the Timberwolves he had actually searched for ways to kill himself on the internet. But the interview from this week was about how Kevin Love still battles with those thoughts today. Suicidal thoughts are not something that goes away over time, as he stated “You don’t get to turn it on or turn it off”.

This issue certainly is a sensitive one, but it goes to show that even celebrities deal with these issues and they are still normal human beings too. What Kevin Love credited his help to was knowing that there is strength in numbers. He knew that he was not the only one dealing with these issues and there were other people who felt just like him. Kevin Love wanted to survive and thrive to lead the way for others struggling with the issue to show them you can get through the tough times. It is a sad issue, but the causes are mostly out of our control. However, you do have the power to fight back.

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