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Kobe Bryant on Forbes List of “Highest Paid Dead Celebrities”

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As you all know by now Kobe Bryant unfortunately passed away on January 26th, 2020 in a tragic helicopter crash. Kobe was a player that was truly loved by all and hated by none.

Kobe Bryant was an outstanding father figure to his daughters, and lived greatness each and everyday. Not only was the world shocked to hear this news, but his family was as well. Kobe was with his daughter on their way to her game when the accident occurred. Although no financial amount can compensate for the death of a human being, Kobe’s merchandise did sky rocket in sales.

Everyone wanted to support the family by purchasing a piece of what Kobe left behind, his clothing brand. This helped the family in a roundabout way, but was extremely helpful nonetheless. Even after Kobe’s passing this led him to become one of the richest dead celebrities. It came through the sales of his clothing of course, but also his autobiography which came out two short years ago. For what it is worth, Kobe sat on the sixth spot in the highest earning dead celebrities this year at a price of twenty million dollars.

Kobe Bryant was the second highest paid sports star behind Arnold Palmer, who mostly makes money off of his famous drinks. Besides the athletes were Michael Jackson, Dr. Seuss, Charles Schulz, and Elvis. A majority of these individuals make their money from the continuation of selling their books and/or music. It is certainly something nice for the families to have, even though they no longer have their loved one. Although it is quite sad that Kobe died tragically, but do not be worried the Bryant family is being taken care of nicely.

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