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Kwadwo Baah, from ball-boy to star?

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Now, it is easier to find stories of players before they are famous since you can search for old tweets or some video on YouTube or things like that. In some cases they can be beneficial, in others it can be harmful and in some cases, just interesting. In this case, we have a very interesting story that everybody is talking about now that his name has become the headline of the news.

Kwadwo Baah was born on January 27, 2003, in Horb am Neckar, Germany, although he was raised in South Norwood, London, and his parents are from Ghana, so he is also one of those players who can get to play in several national teams, depending on his career and his decisions.

Baah’s interesting anecdote was during a match between Crystal Palace FC and West Ham United FC, in 2016, when he was a ball-boy for The Eagles and quickly entered the pitch to place the ball in the goalkeeper of The Hammers (now Liverpool’s Adrián San Miguel) to avoid wasting time. That attitude drew attention and that led to him momentarily becoming famous.

The following year, his time at Crystal Palace FC ended as his contract was terminated for his behavior, which he himself recognized was not the most appropriate since he got into trouble for feeling enormous pressure when playing football that did not allow him enjoy it.

The Kinetic Academy would give him an opportunity that, beyond helping him in football, helped him improve his attitude and behavior, which has led him to improve his performance and the perception of the world of football about him. His talent and self-confidence made the scouts of several important teams of the English Premier League try to take him to their youth teams, however Baah decided to follow another path.

In September 2019, the Rochdale AFC of League One would offer him the opportunity to play with them but, unlike the rest of the teams, it was directly with the first team, something that was part of manager Barry-Murphy’s own strategy to attract talent to their club.

This season he has been a regular participant in Rochdale AFC games with which he has 14 league games, scoring 3 goals and giving 2 assists, this at just 18 years old and in a physically demanding category like League One. Despite the interest from various clubs such as West Ham United FC, Rangers FC and even FC Bayern Munich, it was finally Manchester City FC who ended up signing him for the next season.

Kwadwo Baah is a winger who normally plays as an inside forward on the left wing and has a powerful long shot, a lot of pace and skill, thus making him a good prospect for English football. We have to wait and see what the plan is for him at City because in the first team he has many players who would block his progression such as Mahrez, Bernardo Silva, Ferran Torres or Sterling.

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