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Leeds United Joins Marcus Rashford’s Campaign to Help Kids

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Footballer Marcus Rashford, who has been campaigning on the issue of extending free school meals over to the holidays, warned MPs not to “turn a blind eye” to vulnerable families.

Manchester United and England footballer Marcus Rashford has been leading a campaign on the issue and was recently given an MBE in recognition. Rashford wants free school meals to be extended to all school holidays, and also given to anyone who gets Universal Credit or equivalent.

The player himself experienced in the past a similar situation where food wasn’t always something of easy reach for him and his family. Marcus Rashford wants the British Government to give their kids basic stability and health so they can grow up and be working citizens who contribute to the world.

Before the vote, he warned MPs not to “turn a blind eye” to vulnerable families and said he would be “paying close attention” to the outcome. Reacting to the motion’s defeat, Marcus Rashford twitted several statements with the intent of sending viral on the social media platform his campaign. And, from the responses all over the United Kindgom, it seems that Rashford is about to achieve it.

Leeds United has decided to join the campaign commenced by Marcus Rashford stating that £25,000 will be donated for free school meals during holidays. Leeds’s captain Liam Cooper mentioned this donation confirmed that Leeds’ players and the team itself stand “united” to assist and provide foods to kids in the United Kingdom.

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