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Luca Toni Victim of Armed Robbery in His House

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Luca Toni was attacked while at home with the children in Montale, a hamlet of Castelnuovo Rangone, in the province of Modena, last Thursday night. The bandits, gun in his fist and masks in his face, ordered him to hand over all the valuables in the house.

Luca Toni was the first Italian player to win the European Golden Shoe, obtained after winning the title of top scorer of the Serie A in the 2005-2006 championship. Last Thursday, when Toni was at home with his wife and kids, robbers entered the house. It seems that they were perfectly informed of the habits and movements of Luca Toni, 43-year-old world champion with the Italian national team in 2006.

They were fierce against him, avoiding to involve the footballer’s children. The attackers seemed to move with great security, almost as if they had military training. The criminals, a gang composed of 4 members, moved when it was already dark. A gang member was waiting for them in the car with the engine running, ready to load the other members of the criminal team.

The robbers left on a black Audi even if it was not possible to write down the license plate. Throughout the day of Friday, the forensic experts came and went from Toni’s house, looking for traces of DNA remains that can help in the investigation and identification of the perpetrators. At the same time, the cameras of the surrounding homes have been extensively checked. Police investigators wonder if it was an improvised gang, or if they are the same professionals who have been wandering around the surroundings of Modena over the last six months, blowing up the ATMs of credit institutions.

Luca Toni’s villa in Montale is not new to intrusions of this type. Already in 2008 Toni’s house has been robbed and several gold jewelry and other valuables stolen. On this occasion were left the gold shoe won by the champion as the best footballer of the season 2005-2006 as well as the gold medal won at the 2006 World Cup. However, the thieves took away a jersey of the Italian national team.

“The most important thing is that my family is well, they did not hurt us even though they suffered a bad trauma”, the Luca Toni wrote on his Instagram profile. “I also regret the fact that the criminals have taken away precious goods, but above all emotional – continues the former center of the national team – as a result of the robbery the police intervened, probably called by suspicious neighbors from a car moving in my street. The surveillance did not notice anything. I ask for respect and privacy – concludes Toni – for me and my family at this time”.

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