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Lucas Digne, finding greatness at Everton with Carlo Ancelotti

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Despite joining Everton as basically FC Barcelona’s leftovers in 2018, French left-back Lucas Digne has proven to be one of the best in his position in the English Premier League and this season, under the leadership and management of legendary manager Carlo Ancelotti, Digne is enjoying perhaps the best season of his career.

There are some players that need time to reach their potential and it seems that modern football doesn’t understand that. Everything has to be done now and it has to be done well or the player or the manager get all the criticism, without giving room for them to make mistakes and grow from those situations.

This has been certainly the case with French left-back Lucas Digne. Despite having played with team such as Paris Saint Germain or FC Barcelona, the reality is that the former AS Roma man struggled to deliver consistent performances and to be a quality asset for those teams, which resulted in him joining Everton in the English Premier League back in 2018. The general perception was that Digne was a failed promise and that Goodison Park was more on his level, with the left-back not likely to ever turn to his career around. Well… he has done it.

Lucas Digne has found his place in the world and every year he has gotten better at Everton, becoming one of the key players of Carlo Ancelotti’s side, which has helped for them to challenge for the first places of this season of the English Premier League. It has been Digne’s dynamic playing style, his quality passing and pace what gives a very special feel and style to Everton’s attack, holding width on the left and sometimes doing a quality partnership with Richarlison on the wings.

Overall, Lucas Digne’s time at Everton has proven to be monumental for his development and it’s another example of how time and patience can be great for a player’s growth.

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