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Lucas Piazon and Chelsea FC, everything has an ending

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Since the ownership of Roman Abramovich at Chelsea commenced in the distant 2003, the London club has been known for making renowned signings with significant investments, an example of this was seen in the last summer transfer window.

That is plain to see. However, Chelsea were also signing young players for their reserve and youth teams as well as players for the first team with a lower profile. This with the aim of having a certain dominance over the talents of world football. Many times (almost all the time, really), most of these players find themselves with a wall that is difficult to overcome due to having so many football stars in the senior squad that prevents them from consolidating in the first team and hence, in order not to stagnate the careers of those players, every season, Chelsea finds it necessary to resort to loan deals, which are usually many. For example, for this season alone, the club has 30 first team players on loan to other clubs.

One of the most iconic cases of this kind of Chelsea transfers, and one that represents the idea that we explain in this article, is that of Lucas Piazon, the Brazilian attacker who, from a very young age, stood out at Sao Paulo FC’s academy and with the Brazilian national team. Lucas Piazon bears a strong resemblance to Kaká, was signed in 2011 by Chelsea before making his professional debut. Due to his youth, Piazon began playing with the Chelsea reserve team, although he went almost unnoticed by the first team. As of the season 2012-13, Lucas Piazon began gaining loan deals, the first one being to Málaga CF in La Liga. The following season he would play in the Netherlands for SBV Vitesse, a club with which Chelsea had a feeder club agreement.

Those transfers were followed by Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany), Reading FC (England), Fulham FC (England), AC Chievo Verona (Italy) and Rio Ave (Portugal). Since signing for Chelsea FC, Lucas Piazon only played 3 games for the team, of which only one was for the English Premier League. On January 14, 2021, SC Braga of the Liga NOS announced the signing of Lucas Piazon, which, at 26 years of age, represents his definitive separation from Chelsea FC.

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