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Luka Modric, set for another year at the Santiago Bernabeu

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Luka Modric’s contract has been an important topic for Real Madrid in recent months and now it seems that they are going to find a pleasant solution for all parties involved, with the Croatian set to stay yet another year in the club that made him one of the world’s best players.

Luka Modric’s current season has been impressive for many different reasons and it is mostly due to the fact of how he has had to play so many games in such short time at his age while still delivering high quality performances on a regular basis.

This is a slight return to form for Modric, who perhaps lost a step or two after the 2018 World Cup where he led Croatia to the final. Having said that, lower form is something that can also be attributed to the dip in form that Real Madrid as a whole had after the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo and the team’s successful core of players getting older.

But now it seems that Real Madrid has decided to keep one of their most important players for the next season, having reached an agreement to keep the Croatian footballer for yet another season at the Spanish capital. This is very important for both parties involved who wanted a degree of stability in an ever-changing market. For Luka Modric, this is the opportunity to stay at top level and keep delivering for the club he has won pretty much everything while Real Madrid can keep his talent, experience and workrate for the foreseeable future, especially as the squad transitions to the younger players.

Overall, it is a very good move and one that benefits everybody, especially football fans who are eager to see Luka Modric on a regular basis. So, in that regard, it’s safe to say that we have a very good deal in store.

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