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Mason Mount and the perceptions of English football

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Sacrifice, commitment and versatility are underrated concepts in the modern game, with a lot of football fans undermining those qualities, believing that everything is just a matter of technique. But the reality is that there are so many variables to take into account when it comes to football and a great example of that is Chelsea’s academy midfielder, Mason Mount.

The more football evolves, the more different concepts arise and the more different interpretations come with it. This is all well and good because football is a sport in a constant state of development and evolution, which is something that makes it such an endearing and exciting sport for people all over the world. And it’s no coincidence that the fans’ perceptions of the game also change as time goes by. I have noticed that recently, especially when it comes to football fans in social media, there is a tendency to make every single analysis of a game based on technical proficiency and casting aside all the dynamics that come with it.

I think one of the best examples is Chelsea’s players, Mason Mount. The academy product of the Blues is a hard-working midfielder that is not technically perfect but who has also become known for his workrate, dedication and tactical flexibility, as Mason Mount can play in several positions in the midfield. Despite having earned the trust of his manager, Frank Lampard, and the manager of England’s national team, Gareth Southgate, there is the negative perception, among football fans, that Mason Mount’s lack of technique is the reason of Chelsea‘s poor performances.

I personally disagree with this perception. While it is very true that the best teams have the best most technical and gifted footballers in the world, there is also the need for the players that can put in a shift and complement the stars. The ones that are willing to do the tackling, the running and the “ugly” parts of the game to get the job done. The greatest recent example was Gennaro Gattuso at AC Milan and Italian National Team. Mason Mount is that kind of player. A footballer that can complement a star-studded squad and provide the kind of workrate that every single great team requires. And while Chelsea’s woes have been quite notorious, football is all about balance and Mount can help in that regard.

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