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Max Verstappen: Lewis Hamilton’s Car is “Dominant”

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Max Verstappen Hamilton car dominant deepersport

Max Verstappen, the Dutch driver of Red Bull Racing Team, comments on the incoming 7th title of Lewis Hamilton: “I have respect for him and his victories, but the car he drives is dominant. We can only work to raise the level”.

Max Verstappen, finally, said in his typical straightforward style what many experts and commentators of Formula One have been thinking over the last years. Indeed, Verstappen commented the 7 World Championships won by Lewis Hamilton allocating more merit to the car than the driver himself. Verstappen mentioned that 90% of the current drivers in the Formula One could win on that car. The frankness of Max Verstappen seems to be shared by many other drivers and experts who consider Mercedes not only to be the best car in Formula One for the last 7 years but absolutely dominant racing team from every perspective. Numbers speak for themselves: Mercedes won 11 GPs out of 13 races (9 Hamilton and 2 Bottas) in this season alone.

During the interview with F1 magazine, Max Verstappen added that he does not feel frustrated and he has the utmost respect for the Lewis Hamilton before repeating that other drivers would have achieved the same results on the Mercedes.

On our Facebook page recently, under a video we proposed titled “The 10 Best Moments of Lewis Hamilton Career” several comments were reflecting the words of Max Verstappen whilst several other fans were attributing to Hamilton to be, at least, as skillful as Michael Schumacher. As often happens in the sport world, it is left to each fan to have his final opinion but, this time, we feel to share the view of Max Verstappen.

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