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Mesut Ozil poised to leave Arsenal and join Fenerbahçe

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One of the weirdest and most complex sagas in modern football seems to have finally reached an end, with Mesut Ozil in the position to leave Arsenal and join Fenerbahçe as a free agent, leaving behind a club where left good memories but things have ended in, perhaps, the worst possible scenario.

Mesut Ozil has been one of Arsenal’s best players in the last decade, often providing assists, class and elegance to a club and a fanbase that was in dire need of a star to follow. But things have taken a turn for the worse in recent times, not only because Mesut Ozil started to decline and his performances suffered as a result, but also because he was pushed out of the squad and this season he wasn’t even registered for the English Premier League.

It was a situation that manager Mikel Arteta has not handled in the best way and that has resulted in an even more divided dressing room, to the point that a lot of fans and pundits are asking themselves why Mesut Ozil is not part of this Arsenal side that is in dire need of creativity and talent. Regardless, things seem to have found a solution, with the German World Cup winner finding a way out in Turkey’s giants, Fenerbahçe. The player himself has made this very obvious by engaging with the club in social media. Ozil is finally leaving Arsenal behind and going back to professional football.

Sadly to most Arsenal fans, this situation perhaps didn’t have the best of endings for them. After all, despite some logical criticism from time to time to his qualities as a player, Mesut Ozil is mostly loved by Arsenal’s fans and it seems like a sad way to end such a long partnership.

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