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Mike Tyson Confessed to Have Used “Whizzinator”

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Mike Tyson "Whizzinator" deepersport

Mike Tyson, the legendary heavyweight fighter, once undisputed and undefeated, mentioned to have cheated USADA tests using a “Whizzinator”.

During a recent podcast, Mike Tyson, arguably of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, admitted the use of “Whizzinator” during his career. “Whizzinator” is nothing else than a bag, which supposedly contains clean urine, connected to a pipe. During the test, the sportsman releases the content of this bag instead of his own urine. It works especially well with sportsman since on the top of the “Whizzinator” there is a plastic penis which make the athletic simulate urination.

Mike Tyson has always denied having used enhancing drugs or steroids during his career. However, this statement left several people perplexed on why using this trick if there was not need. The former undisputed champ went on describing how he used the “Whizzinator”. Tyson also mentioned that, in few occasions, he used the urine of his wife.

As reported previously, Mike Tyson will fight next November 28 against Roy Jones Jr. for the “Black Lives Matter” belt. The exhibition will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and Mike Tyson predicted to inflict pain to his opponent.

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