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Mike Tyson is back! Iron Mike will fight on 28th November 2020

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One of the most remarkable names in the history and world of boxing, Mike Tyson is set to return to the boxing ring on 28th November 2020 against the former four division world champion Roy Jones Jr. after 15 years from the boxing field.

Mike Tyson’s name is indispensable in the world of boxing and it would be just to say that the world of boxing has a shining record board in the form of Mike Tyson and his achievements.

Born in 1966 in Brooklyn, New York City, Mike Tyson came face to face with a stumbling block in personal life very early in age. Facing extreme financial crises, his family along with Tyson moved to Brownsville which was known for its criminal activities. He started to learn boxing for self defense and started carrying out some horrific activities due to which he was sent to a reform school in New York.

He met Bob Stewart there who became his first boxing counselor who introduced Tyson to the legendary boxing manager Constantine “Cus” D’Amato and there was no way back.

D’Amato wanted Tyson to become the World Heavyweight Champion before his 21st birthday and made a plan accordingly. Unfortunately, D’Amato died of pneumonia in 1985 but Tyson kept following the pathway that D’Amato had created for him and eventually became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion at the age of 20 in 1986.

After a gap of many years from the boxing ring, Mike Tyson, unexpectedly, announced his return to the boxing arena in a video message, where he said, “I am back”.

After declaring the return of legendary boxer, he further announced for a fight with Roy Jones Jr. this year. His manager, while talking to the press media, said “Tyson has worked himself into great shape and now appears to be back sparring”. Fans have to wait a little more for the most anticipated fight of the century.

According to via ESPN Ringside, “The Tyson-Jones Jr. exhibition match is being pushed off to November 28. The fight was originally slated for September 12”.

Whether he loses or wins the fight, it will be very stimulating for boxing aspirants around the world to watch the 54 years old in action proving that age is just a number. In any event, welcome back, Mike!

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