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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.: a non-boxing exhibition

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By now, I guess every boxing enthusiast knows about the big exhibition match between two boxing legends: Roy Jones Jr. (66-9-0, 47 KOs) and Mike Tyson (50-6-2 NC, 44 KOs).

The bout will cover eight rounds of 2 minutes each and, as recently declared, there will be no winner, no judges (and so no scorecards) and no knockouts… Ask Dana White if you do not believe me. So, either the bout will end up as a sort of Bruno (i.e. the movie) wrestling fight or we all understand that enforcing something on Roy Jones Jr. and, especially, Mike Tyson on the ring will be hard. The only prediction we feel to propose is that Mike Tyson won’t follow the rules or, at least, it will be impossible to stop him in the first round from trying to KO Roy Jones. I do not blame him already… Ask Michael Jordan to lose or Lewis Hamilton to slow-down…

However, to give some dignity to this exhibition we just needed the advice/prediction of some old folks. Here it comes David Haye (28-4-0, 26 KOs) who, in the meantime, has become also vegan… Of course, we only need politically correct people for this occasion, guys! Haye mentioned that Tyson is addicted to smoking for a long time now, and nobody knows the condition of his lungs as there is a strong possibility that he will gas out in no time. As a result, this could be a massive advantage for Roy Jones Jr., if he does not KOed in the first or second round. Of course, illegally KOed…

Haye, former two-weight classes world champion, thinks that getting Tyson to the second round is a stretch as Tyson’s breath will become heavy after a few seconds of activity in the ring and after that, there will be easy pickings for Roy Jones Jr. Haye added that hand speed is another factor which will play an important role during the fight.

Haye has a strong opinion that Jones will win the game as he has been in good touch in the last 20 years while Mike Tyson has entered the ring 8 times in the last 20 years and won three times. So, folks, you got everything possible for a f***-up year: a pandemic, a boxing bout with no knock-out, what else? A Whizzinator please!

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