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Mikel Arteta’s issues are multiplying in and out the pitch

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It’s getting worse and worse for manager Mikel Arteta at Arsenal. His team has struggled massively this season in the Premier League and the recent defeat against Burnley at home is only going to aggravate that situation. On top of this, there are also many signs of Arteta losing the unity in the dressing room.

It wouldn’t be Arsenal if things were simple. The Gunners have been struggling a lot this season and the recent defeat at home against Burnley has gotten things to be even more depressing for Arsenal fans all over the world. But manager Mikel Arteta is not only struggling with on-field issues, but also outside the pitch, with a lot of different players showing a lot of discontent and even downright rejection to the Spanish coach, according to reports.

From club captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to flashy signing that hasn’t even made his debut William Saliba, a lot of players are not getting along with Mikel Arteta and there have been a lot of rumors that Pep Guardiola’s former assistant is taking a very strict approach to things, having no qualms about punishing the players leaking these situations to the press and even banishing them from the squad. Something Arteta has already done with the likes of Saliba and Mesut Özil, although the latter is a situation that goes before Arteta’s tenure.

It’s a dressing room that feels fundamentally broken and it doesn’t look bright for Mikel Arteta right now. This group of Arsenal players have proven themselves capable of downing for previous managers, like they did with Unai Emery, and the constant in-fighting, not only against the manager but also among teammates, is something that explains the lack of synergy within the squad when performing in the English Premier League.

Overall, it’s a very sad time for Arsenal supporters and they have a very good reason to feel that way because the team is lacking quality in every sense, the mentality is as fragile as it has ever gotten in the club and a broken dressing room only means a broken Arsenal.

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