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MLBPA Should Accept MLB Proposal for 2021 Season

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Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MLB spring training is scheduled to open in just a couple of weeks. MLB wants to push back the start of the MLB season, but as of now, spring training and Opening Day are still on schedule.

a week. The season will be full pay for players with an expanded version of the playoffs. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports that the players union is probably going to reject the proposal, for one because they believe it’s too late in the offseason to change the schedule. They are also against having an expanded playoff.

The league wants spring training to begin on March 22 with the regular season opener on April 28. In addition, the playoffs would be expanded to 14 teams. With only eight less games played per team, there would be more doubleheaders and perhaps the universal DH and extra-innings tiebreaker rule that was used last season.

The proposal from MLB appears very reasonable. However, the league will see a great increase in revenue with the expanded postseason. Since the players are already entitled to full salary this season, they appear to be getting little out of this proposal.

It’s understandable that delaying the start of the season is best for overall safety and health concerns. It always comes down to money, and the leagues wants to play games with the possibility of fans in the stands. Their idea is that a delay could do so. The players want full pay regardless of season length.

I don’t think anyone wants to see negotiations last for extended periods of time like last year and end with a 60-game schedule.  I think since the players are getting full pay and a large pay as it is, they should just accept the proposal and get baseball underway, even if it is a few weeks later than originally scheduled.

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