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More drama and mess for the New York Giants

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This has not been the best year for the New York Giants. Actually, the NY franchise have not had a good year in over a decade now.

The last significant thing the franchise did was beat the undefeated New England Patriots led by Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. This was with a team led by Eli Manning during the prime of his career, and they have fallen off ever since. Now, led by Daniel Jones, New York Giants still seem to be sinking, and the recent news coming from New York city only confirms the mess New York Giants are in.

According to some news outlets, this week news broke out that two coaches of the New York Giants got apparently in an absolute fist fight over the weekend, resulting in the firing of one of them. These coaches go by the name of Marc Colombo and Joe Judge. However, as per protocol, the New York Giants denied this event and stated that the fight never actually happened. This really grabbed headlines because Colombo is a six eight former offensive tackle… so he would destroy anyone who gets in his way. Reporters stated that the fight was originated from an issue with the recent addition of Dave DeGuglielmo into the coaching staff.

Despite we do not know whether the fight took place or not, what we know is that Marc Colombo has beef with DeGuglielmo. Knowing that this combination was not going to work, Colombo was simply fired for his disagreement. It is unclear what the beef is between those two coaches, but I guess it was serious enough to prevent the two so-called professionals from actually working together on the field. With this added drama, it will be interesting to see if the Giants can improve their game at all. Who knows, maybe DeGuglielmo will be the key to their success!

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