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NBA Player Sued over Sexual Assault and Battery

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After the story reported last week regarding Cristiano Ronaldo, it seems than another sportsman may have been sued for sexual assault. A woman claims that Terrance Ferguson and his brother sexually assaulted her.

Terrance Ferguson is an American professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Ferguson played a vital role in this year’s playoff run.

However, Terrance Ferguson is now in the news for a much worse reason. Oklahoma City Thunder player Terrance Ferguson is being sued by a woman who claims Ferguson and his brother sexually assaulted her in September 2018. Apparently, Ferguson shot video of the incident too.

According to the lawsuit, filed in Oklahoma County District Court, the accuser claims she had been in a consensual sexual relationship with the NBA player but things soured when he tried to get her to participate in a threesome with his brother, Brandon Willis. In her suit, the woman claims she repeatedly turned down the request for the threesome but in September 2018, Brandon Willis entered the room while she was having sex with Ferguson and tried to join in.

The woman insists she did not give consent to Willis and “withdrew consent” from Ferguson but both men allegedly ignored her and continued to sexually assault her. In her suit, the woman claims Willis began to vaginally penetrate her while Ferguson recorded the incident on his cell phone. She claims Ferguson later distributed the footage via Snapchat.

The woman claims she suffered severe emotional trauma and prolonged pain and suffering. She’s suing both men for sexual assault and battery, among other things but does not list a specific amount she’s asking for. The woman went to cops in February 2020 and the Oklahoma City PD launched an investigation. But ultimately, no criminal charges were filed. Ferguson, through his attorney, has previously denied wrongdoing regarding this incident.

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