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NBA Season 2021 Is About to Start

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NBA Season to restart deepersport

Even after a weird NBA season with this year and the bubble in Orlando, people are already looking forward to the next season of course. We do not know how they will combat the transmission of Covid-19 yet, but they have recently announced the start date for the next season.

Instead of a typical October or November start, which was not possible based on when the season ended this year, the NBA has announced the season will instead begin on December 22nd 2020. This may seem like it is coming up quick and it is, this only leaves an off-season of about a month or two, which seems to be quite short and shocking that the players would agree to this deal. Regardless, this deal was agreed upon by the NBA’s Players Association.

This is the tentative date, with the league commissioner Adam Silver stating that realistically he does not believe the season will begin until after the new year. They also expect the season to end before Mid-July to avoid overlapping with the Summer Olympics. This season would also be a 72 game season instead of the regular 82 game season. This does give a lot of excitement to the basketball world, but it does have the fans thinking of some questions about the players health.

Playing a sport for so long requires athletes to take care of themselves and spend adequate time recovering which is cut off by this one month off-season. Although it is sad to say, be prepared for a higher amount of injury in this next season since players have not had as much time to recover. Either way it will be exciting to see the NBA return in a month or so, fingers crossed of course!

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