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NFL’s Keith Smith has a Chipotle Addiction!

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Keith Smith is a football player that currently plays for the Atlanta Falcons, but has been on a variety of teams since entering the league.

Grown up in California, Keith Smith began playing football in elementary school, but then he met an NFL quarterback that would change his life forever. Keith Smith met Jason David, a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts who was actually dating his older sister. From there Smith really fell in love with the sport and decided that that was what he wanted to dedicate his life to professional football.

Keith went to San Jose State to play football, but was not actually drafted in 2014. After going un-drafted he worked even harder until the Dallas Cowboys signed him to their practice squad. From there, Keith Smith stayed on the team for three years with no playing time, transferred over to the Oakland Raiders, and finally the Atlanta Falcons, for whom he plays today.

Smith has been in the news today for things way further than football, instead all of the talk is about his very unusual diet and food addiction. In recent news, Keith Smith announced that he eats Chipotle food four or five times every single day! Not only is this expensive for his pocket, but fans are worried about his diet and health from all this Mexican food too.

Keith Smith says he gets the same exact meal every time every day, but gets it all separated so he can eat each piece as he pleases and combine them in different ways each time. This also adds up to around four thousand calories every day! For most people this is quite a lot, but I guess it is typical for NFL players. The main takeaway is NFL players are just built differently!

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