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“Nobody cried for us”, impossible not to love Jose Mourinho !

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The Covid-19 situation has done a lot of changes in football and the English Premier League have proven to be the one affected the most due to the hectic calendar. But it’s also a time where Jose Mourinho managed to highlight the big differences in terms of mentalities in these teams.

As we all know, the global pandemic due to Covid-19 has changed many things in the world of sport and so in the European football, such as the absence of fans, the number of substitutions in certain competitions or the number of games in a shorter period of time and so on. The latter has been given to try to normalize the seasons from next season and end the gap resulting from the lockdown that happened for almost the first half of this year.

For clubs that play European competitions and, in the particular case of England, which, in addition to the Premier League, has two local cups (FA Cup and Carabao Cup), the frequency of games in this season has been much higher than in any other year. Liverpool FC are a great example of the toll this schedule had had on their squad, having important players suffering several injuries in these first months of the season, such as the cases of Van Dijk, Allisson or Alexander-Arnold. The German manager Jurgen Klopp has used to complain about the accumulation of fatigue due to the calendar and, for example, that the Premier League does not allow the new five substitutions rule (instead of three) as implemented in other competitions (such as Serie A, for example).

Something similar has happened with Pep Guardiola and Manchester City, who have complained about the peculiarities of this season and the number of games in a such short period. Faced with this scenario, José Mourinho, current Tottenham manager, has taken the opportunity to remember that his team has played 8 games in 18 days and that they are leaders of the Premier League and he did not waste the opportunity to mention that “nobody cried for us” when they added that number of games in such a short time. We all missed the short and sharp mottos of the Special One! “Nobody cried for us”. I bet we can already buy the shirt with this motto on Amazon.

The reality is that the calendar is quite difficult for all clubs. However, Liverpool FC and Manchester City have two of the most complete squads in England and possibly in Europe, so their complaints seem unjustified as other clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Leicester City or Tottenham itself, with less extended squads, do not have them, or at least they do not make them public with such assiduity. So, this time, a point in favor of Jose Mourinho, the submarine of the English Premier League.

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