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Odell Beckham Jr. Breaks Silence on His Injury

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Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the biggest names in all of the NFL, and rightfully so. During his years on the New York Giants he has had some of the best catches in the history of football, including one that landed him on the cover of Madden, a football video game.

He also became internet famous for his dance moves, which he commonly showed off during his pregame routines. Odell Beckham Jr. is also known for his willingness to give back to kids, and the time he takes to interact with the fanbase during each of his games. Recently, Odell Beckham Jr. went to the Cleveland Browns which has been met with a lot of criticism.

The Browns have been known to be historically terrible for decades and did not seem to be improving at any rate, it is still a wonder how they secured a star like Odell Beckham Jr. or why he even wanted to play there in the first place. This season they did seem to be on the rise, until recently Odell Beckham Jr. unfortunately tore his anterior cruciate ligament.

He joined a lengthy list of other NFL stars that have gone down this season, but he has finally broken his silence on the injury for the world to hear. He opened up in a press conference over the weekend explaining that this injury has been very tough on him, and right now he is just extremely frustrated by the injury. He is just relying on his belief in God to keep him going through the pain, and believes that God has a plan through it all.

We feel sorrow for Odell Beckham Jr. and wish him a speedy recovery to get back on the football field, where he belongs.

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