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Oleksandr Usyk and Derek Chisora Are Ready – Elephant or Lion?

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Oleksander Usyk vs Derek Chisora bout will finally take place this Saturday 31st October 2020 at the Wembley Arena, almost six months after it was originally scheduled. Like events in 2020, the fight has been postponed from the original date, 23rd May 2020, due to the covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Both Oleksander Usyk, 33 years old, and Derek Chisora, 36 years old, are well aware that the next boxing fight is crucial for their career. Whoever wins may be in a strategic position to push for a fight against Anthony Joshua if the super heavyweight champion would decide to avoid, once again, Tyson Fury.

During the press conference both boxers appeared relaxed and ready for the fight. To some extent, the press conference had several hilarious moments (do not miss the video below).

Oleksandr Usyk was more focused on his homework than chatting with Chisora or the journalists. The Ukrainian boxer was solving math problems of unknown difficulties. “My team set me mathematical equations during the week to do for training” said Usyk. Olaksander continued “I hadn’t finished one of them and I thought this was the perfect time to do it.”

Finally, Usyk got a bit more serious after a long dialogue with Chisora whether the lion or the elephant is the king of the jungle… “I don’t know why everyone is talking about a test at heavyweight because all my life I have been tested by heavyweights. When I was fighting in the World Series of Boxing [before turning professional] I was a heavyweight and my fights in the heavyweight division, and people wanted to hurt me and didn’t manage to. There will be no war, I will bring peace and it will be pure boxing. He will definitely want to hurt me badly but I will not stand in front of him to let him do that”.

Also Derek Chisora appeared ready for the fight and relax but still aware of the Ukranian undefeated threat: “I’m excited about the fight, Oleksandr is a great fighter, I’m a big fan of him”. Chisora continued, “Most people are telling me I’m holding the keys to the pearly gates, to the rich and famous. But I’m happy to be holding the keys and he shall not pass. I’m going to bring everything I have and it’s going to be a shootout. I know for a fact that when I hit him he is going to be hit, there is nowhere for him to hide. All I’m asking is for a fair referee and fair judges. People are going to be very surprised when we get in the ring”.

Time is up, let’s see whether the lion or the elephant is the true king!

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