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Our Brief Opinion: Otto Wallin Wants Rematch with Tyson Fury

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Boxing star Otto Wallin says if Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III ain’t happening, he’ll step in and rematch the Gypsy King, ’cause he already whooped him once!

The highly anticipated trilogy fight was supposed to go down this year, but Fury says Wilder keeps changing the date, so Tyson Fury’s moving on. But fear not, Fury fanatics 29-year-old Wallin says he’s been training like a maniac and he says he’s more than ready.

“He doesn’t have to look any further,” Wallin tells us. “To be fair, look at our fight and then look at his other fights. You can see that I did a much better job than anybody has, and I landed more punches than (Wladimir) Klitschko and Wilder even together”. And we agree! Wallin was fearless and highly aggressive in counter-punching Fury doing a much better job than what Klitschko did.

Remember, Fury-Wilder I was a draw, but Tyson dominated Deontay Wilder in their February 2020 rematch and TKO the Bronze Bomber in the 7th round. Otto Wallin actually believes his September 2019 fight with Tyson should’ve been stopped after he badly cut Fury’s eye early in the fight. Once again, we agree. Any other boxer would have been stopped, especially after receiving few more blows and deepening the cut.

“I deserve a rematch. Especially for the cuts. I should have been the winner that night”. Wallin says he thinks Fury would be down for the rematch … but believes Tyson’s people might stop the fight from going down ’cause they know Wallin can win. As for whether Otto would be ready to rock in December, the initial date for Fury vs. Wilder III, that ain’t a problem ’cause he was already hoping to fight before 2021!

“I’ve been training all this time and I’m ready for it!” Otto Wallin added. Our opinion is that Otto Wallin would not have any chance with Tyson Fury. True, Fury should have been stopped that night but the performance shown in Wilder II match was impressive. The change of strategy, the speed and the coordination, the accuracy of the jabs cannot be matched with Otto Wallin, who, in our opinion, belongs to a lower category compared to AJ and Tyson Fury.

Despite this and awaiting for Anthony Joshua – Tyson Fury match, this potential rematch is one that the boxing world will be heavily looking forward to.

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