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Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen

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You may or may not know that Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are widely known for their outstanding arms at the quarterback position. They both constantly compete for the title of strongest arm in the league, which typically relies on one stat, throwing distance.

This leads to a friendly competition between the two, as well as the article you are reading today. Patrick Mahomes believes he can throw a football 83 YARDS IN THE AIR — and he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is. The Kansas City Chiefs QB has long talked about a possible throw-off competition with Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen … since they both are known for having CANNONS for arms.

But when Mahomes appeared on “KCSP 610 Sports Radio” this week, he threw out a number … saying he strongly believes he can hit 83 yards in the air!!! “I’ve never seen Josh throw a football but I know how far I can throw it … but I know it’s pretty far.” “I think I can get it anywhere from 80 to 83 yards,” Mahomes added.

For the record, 83 yards is an insane number – further than any QB threw a football during the 17 years the NFL had a distance competition in the NFL QB Challenge. Outside of the friendly rivalry, Mahomes says he’s got a healthy respect for Allen — saying the guy is playing MVP caliber football this season. The Chiefs (4-1) and Bills (4-0) are set to do battle on October 15 — and Mahomes says he’s looking forward to it. “They’re gonna be a tough team for us to beat and I’m ready for the challenge”.

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