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Pep Guardiola to extend his contract with Manchester City

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pep guardiola to extend contract man city deepersport

We are used to see managers arriving and departing football teams in no time. However, Pep Guardiola may be the new exception as in the past there were Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger who both last several years on the benches of Manchester United and Arsenal respectively.

Unlike stated few months ago, Pep Guardiola is determined to continue his cycle on the bench of Manchester City, and he is in advanced negotiation to extend his contract with the citizens. Terms and conditions, particularly the length of the contract, are still to be decided and not clear as of today. Some sources are mentioning that Guardiola is happy to stay in England until 2025. Some others insist that it will be an extension on a yearly basis.

We will find out soon enough since the manager and football team would like to sign a new contract within the end of 2020. What we know for sure is that Guardiola has been on the Man City’s bench for 5 years already and results are not so exciting particularly in the European competitions. Given the ambition of the team and the players purchased over the years, Man City’ fans were expecting more, much more in terms of trophies.

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