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Premier League transfers: how are they doing so far?

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Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the Christmas season of the English Premier League, which has been almost half of the tournament at this point, and taking into account that the January Transfer Window is about to open, we consider it a good time to review how things are going for the most expensive signings of the 2020 of the EPL.

Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen to Chelsea FC – € 78 millions): The promising German starlet arrived as one of the youngsters with the greatest potential in the world after his good performances in the Bundesliga. However, so far Kai Havertz only has one goal and one assist in the English Premier League. For some, it was an unnecessary transfer since Chelsea FC was already a complete team and Havertz does not add anything more. In fact, Frank Lampard has struggled to find a regular position and role for Havertz, plus the German has looked dire for the most part in this season.

Rubén Días (SL Benfica to Manchester City – € 67 millions): his prominence in Pep Guardiola’s team has been increasing and he has overall improved City’s defense in terms of clean sheets. Although Ruben Dias still has to prove more to justify the price that was spent on him and that would be determined in future key games where Manchester City have struggled the most in recent seasons.

Timo Werner (RB Leipzig to Chelsea FC – € 52 millions): He is the most seasoned player that we have so far on the list thanks to what has been done with his previous club. However, Timo Werner has not managed to stand out in the English Premier League and he has said that it has been a much more difficult experience than expected. Although Werner has 4 goals in 15 English Premier League matches, what is the most concerning about Timo Werner are some clamorous sitters he has missed and his lack of consistency.

Ben Chilwell (Leicester City to Chelsea FC – € 49 millions): possibly the best of the 3 Chelsea FC signings in this list. Suffice to say that he has 2 goals and 3 assists in the English Premier League, beating Kai Havertz. It’s worth pointing out that Ben Chilwell is a left back. It’s very likely that the Blues have a full back for the next decade.

Thomas Partey (Atlético Madrid to Arsenal FC – € 49 millions): It is difficult to define the signing of the Ghanaian by the Gunners in view of the team’s low collective performance and the low participation of the midfielder due to injury. If Thomas Partey has more prominence at Arsenal FC, it is possible that the team will improve alongside him and he has shown that in the few performances he had so far this season.

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