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Real Madrid – Inter Milan, last call for Antonio Conte?

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Eleven points in six league games played which equates to three wins, two draws and one defeat. Several matches highlighted the defensive difficulties of Inter Milan, including the derby of Milan, won by AC Milan. Antonio Conte seems to be already under pressure.

The performance of Inter Milan in this beginning of the season has definitely been poor: a weak defense which suffers too many goals as well as a formation, typical Antonio Conte’s 3-5-2 strategy, which has never convinced the supporters. From the very first match of Serie A, it was clear that something was not working. Inter Milan managed to win 4-3 the crazy match with Fiorentina, coming back from 2-3. Not even against Benevento, the Nerazzurri have dominated. Last Saturday, against Parma, Inter Milan only managed to bring 1 point home thanks to a 92′ goal scored by Ivan Perisic.

The situation in Champions’ League is not much better: Inter Milan obtained only 2 points so far against two teams which should have not presented serious problems to the Nerazzurri: Borussia Monchengladbach in Milan, and Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine. But still, only two points…

Disappointment, anger and regrets. This is how Inter’s season start can be summarized. Due to inconsistent results of Juventus and several high-end transfers such as Vidal and Hakimi, the Nerazzurri have immediately received the label of main favorite for the Scudetto. However, so far the results have not lived up to the expectations of the Nerazzurri’ fans.

The next match in Champions’ League could be already crucial for Inter Milan. A strong reaction is needed for the Conte’s team both for the morale and for the championship of the Group B. Unfortunately for Inter Milan, it seems that, slowly but surely, Real Madrid is recovering after a troubled start of the season. Zinedine Zidane has given the necessary responsibilities to Federico Valverde who looks more and more the new leader of Real Madrid’s midfield.

Another defeat could seriously compromise the path of Inter Milan in Champions’ League. Antonio Conte is warned.

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