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Reshad Jones, former Miami Dolphins, arrested in Florida

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Now if you have never heard the name Reshad Jones, do not worry, I had not either. Jones was a former Pro Bowl safety for the Miami Dolphins actually! Although that is another poor performing team, but that is besides the story. Jones is a former player as of last year after a great career for the Dolphins.

Reshad Jones was drafted in the fifth round of the 2010 NFL draft and played in Miami for ten seasons. Jones started for one hundred and thirteen of the games and recorded twenty one interceptions throughout his tenure. Unfortunately, Reshad Jones is not in the news now for his football skills but in relation to an unpleasant story. Like many other former NFL players, this star had a large fall from stardom.

Yesterday he was arrested in Florida for illegally carrying a loaded firearm. This arrest came at four o’clock in the morning, as he was walking around his hometown gas stations with a gun. Although Reshad Jones was trying to hide his firearm down his pants as many do, the cops were still able to easily spot it on his person. When the police approached him, he openly stated that he did not have a concealed weapon permit and he did follow their orders when getting arrested. It was also noted that he seemed to be under the influence of an unknown substance and smelled like alcohol.

Reshad Jones was arrested and taken to jail but has since been released, and it is not sure what charges have been filed or if a bail was posted. Either way this story goes to show that many ex-professional athletes are struck with similar problems as many other Americans. Just do not do anything stupid and you should be fine. Remember the saying that nothing good happens after midnight.

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