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Romelu Lukaku – The Rebirth of a Giant

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Romelu Lukaku got to Italy as a very questioned player after a very uneven time at Manchester United, but the Belgian has become the symbol of Inter Milan’s resurrection at Serie A with manager Antonio Conte at the helm, scoring a lot of goals and raising his profile to unseen heights in his career.

When Romelu Lukaku became Jose Mourinho’s big signing for the striker position in the 2017/18 season, the perception was that this was the Belgian’s time to reach the biggest plateau in the football world and finally cement his place as one of the best strikers around.

Sadly, that wasn’t his case. Due to a wide variety of factors, such as lineup changes, negative dressing room atmosphere, weight issues (Romelu was told to bulk up for the 2018 World Cup, which led to him being mostly overweight in his second season at Manchester United), lack of motivation in a flawed team or simply not being a good fit for what the team was going for, Lukaku never fully lived up to the expectations that were set for him at Old Trafford, which led to him leaving the club in 2019 and sign for Inter Milan, coached by manager Antonio Conte.

The former Chelsea and Juventus manager has stated that he wanted Lukaku when he was coaching Chelsea and the two of them have hit it off tremendously, to the point that Romelu Lukaku is in the form of his life, scoring 46 goals in 64 games so far in his career at Inter Milan, showing the best qualities of his game and overall reaching the heights that people expected of him when he made the jump from Everton to Manchester United in 2017.

A different league, a different team, a different manager, a different environment, and a different context have given Lukaku the tools to become the best version of himself and that has pushed Inter Milan to challenge Juventus for the Serie A for two seasons now, thus showing the type of player he can be at the top of his abilities. And this story seems to have a few more chapters in store.

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