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Rumors are back: Sergio Ramos at Juventus or PSG?

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Sergio Ramos is a Spanish 34-year-old professional footballer who plays for and captains both Real Madrid and the Spanish national team as a centre-back. He has also played as a right back earlier in his career.

Going from Sevilla B to Sevilla’s main team at 18  years old. In 2005, Real Madrid made sure to get the talented defender and turn him into one of the best centre-backs in history, which he still is to this day. Now, after more than 15 years of representing the club, may be the time for Sergio Ramos to play in another country.

Despite the news seems a week old, today the rumors about the Ramos’ transfer are now all-time high. It seems that an imminent offer from PSG or Juventus is about to be delivered to Sergio Ramos’ agent. His contract will expire in June 2021 and the negotiations for an extension of the contract haven’t started yet. If this is not done before summer, Ramos might leave the Real for free.

Juventus, the club of Turin’s city, according to the Spanish TV show “El Chiringuito” is interested in getting the centre-back in an attempt to get back the legendary duo Ramos-Ronaldo, which was no longer playing together from the summer of 2018 on, when the Portuguese star left Madrid to go prove himself in the Italian Serie A.

According to the Spanish TV show, whose participants describe the centre-back’s future as unknown, not only Cristiano Ronaldo’s team is interested in him but also the French top-tier team: Paris Saint-Germain, commonly known as PSG. Certainly, next transfer window will be one of the most exciting ones in the last few years as Messi, Barcelona’s captain and last season’s  player of the year also wants to leave the team after more than a decade representing Barcelona.

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