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“Salah and Kane are cheating with penalty theatrics” – Murphy questions antics of Liverpool and Spurs stars

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Football is the most popular sport in the world, and for all the right reasons! We have seen rivalries, drama, aggression, and pretty much everything in the field. We have also seen players displaying excessively emotional and dramatic behavior to win a penalty. However, it looks like Danny Murphy has had enough of this behavior, as he accused Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane of ”cheating” because of their theatrical plays and simulations.

Murphy was particularly not happy about what happened in Liverpool’s narrow (2-1) win over West Ham at Anfield Road. Both Tottenham striker and Liverpool forward have found themselves in the middle of the storm, as they have been accused of manipulating referees with over-dramatic behavior. 

Murphy believes that the players these days just hunt for the opportunity, and then they use the dark tactics to win a challenge. Though, it has been pointed out that players do this to highlight to the referee that they have been wrongfully tackled. However, the question still exists, whether the feeblest of touches are adequate to justify a penalty award or not.  

 In one of the interviews given to talkSPORT, Murphy showed his displeasure and said, “I don’t want to see it. They are all doing it, they are all cheating, and they are all manipulating the referee – you can use what word you want”.  

Murphy also believes that the only way this drama is going to stop is, if defenders stop doing silly tackles. In the middle of everything where Murphy is putting some serious accuses on both stars, he hasn’t forgotten to blame the referees as well. He curiously questions the common sense of the refs who can’t differentiate between an actual and a pretended claim.  

It is not the first time that Egypt star Mohammad Salah has found himself in the spotlight, but we are all curious to see how Kane is going to respond to these accusations. 

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