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Sam “Big Sam” Allardyce has returned: new manager of West Bromwich

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Sam Allardyce is an English manager with a lot of experience in the English Premier League and also a huge personality that has made him a cult figure in British football. He has characterized himself throughout his career as an innovator who has used lesser known training and opponent analysis methods to improve his teams. And once again he has a relegation battle to withstand.

Although he has enjoyed a vast career in several different clubs in the English Premier League, being one of the managers with most games in the competition since it changed its name in 1992, Sam Allardyce’s best era was at Bolton Wanderers (currently in the EFL League Two), where he bet on players of great quality but with an advanced age such as Okocha, Djorkaeff, Iván Campo or Fernando Hierro, to lead The Trotters from the Championship to the UEFA Europa League (at that time called the UEFA Cup).

That Bolton side has become a bit of an underrated classic of the Premier League and definitely one of the undisputed highlights of Sam Allardyce’s career. After the 1-1 draw between Manchester City and West Brom, the Albion club decided to sack Croatian manager Slaven Bilic, who achieved promotion from the Championship. Bilic was sacked due to the poor results West Brom have had so far this season, making him the first manager of the present season of the English Premier League to be fired. Interestingly, Slaven Bilic was sacked after a good result and a good performance against one of the most powerful teams in England and on the road.

So West Brom decided to sign Sam Allardyce for the remainder of this season and the following, or at least that what is stated in his contract. At West Brom, Sam Allardyce is going to find a team that is in the 19th place, 4 points behind the 17th position and only above Sheffield United, who are having a rather poor season. We will have to wait and see what surprise Allardyce offers in this next winter transfer market and in this new stage of his as a manager in the English Premier League. What is certain is that entertainment is guaranteed with Big Sam at the helm.

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