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Schalke 04, very close of being the worst team in the Bundesliga history

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Schalke 04 is a German club with 116 years of history and a football institution that can be considered one of the largest in the German football. It is part of the most intense match in Germany, the Revierderby, the Ruhr basin derby with Borussia Dortmund. However, Schalke and their supporters are not having a good time and that is giving them the kind of exposure that no football club actually wants to have.

When a football team goes on a winning streak, confidence increases and players believe they have a greater ability to get things done, helping them winning more. That same effect works in the opposite direction: when you cannot win for several games, you lose confidence, and you feel like there is a ghost that is surrounding the team.

Schalke 04 won their last football game for any competition in February on penalties against Hertha Berlin for DFB-Pokal although for the Bundesliga, the last victory of the blue team is on January 17 of this year. This translates into 27 games without a victory for the German league championship, leaving them just 4 games behind SC Tasmania 1900 Berlin, who holds several negative records in Bundesliga history, including the most games without victory in a row. Safe to say, it’s not looking good for Schalke and it’s only getting worse.

This weekend, it seemed that Schalke 04 could finally end the negative streak as they were beating FC Augsburg 2-1 at WWK Arena. However, in the 93rd minute, midfielder Marco Richter scored with a header killing Schalke 04’s hope of ending their embarrassing streak.

Schalke 04 had some difficult chapters in their history and suffering has sadly being a key element of supporting this team. However, becoming the team with the longest negative streak in Bundesliga will be a difficult record and stain to remove. Even though there are still 4 games left to go…

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