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Sebastian Vettel: :”One Car is Faster Than the Other”

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Ferrari’s climate remain tense in the aftermath of the Portimao Grand Prix following the statements of Sebastian Vettel who accused Ferrari team to favor Charles Leclerc.

Despite the fourth position of Charles Leclerc, the tension in the pits is growing more and more: at the end of the last race, Sebastian Vettel (started fifteenth and arrived tenth) first congratulated his partner (“he is stronger than me”), then he advanced very heavy suspicions talking with the German TV. “It is obvious that one car is faster than the other – Vettel said -, I look at the data and I do not understand. An idiot would not be able to understand Charles’ numbers, but I’m not completely idiotic”.

“You can see in the telemetry that the other car is much faster in some sections, I’m not an idiot,” Sebastian Vettel continued. “I don’t know if I should say more but I’ve tried everything. There are the lap times and there are my feelings, but I have to think that we have the same car because I trust the people around me”.

In short, for Sebastian Vettel, the teammate has something that he does not have on his car. The (remote) replica of Mattia Binotto is icy and just as heavy because, for the first time, he admits that the German is the second driver: “The cars are identical. I hope that Seb can qualify later in Imola and show his qualities better in the race. Charles is good, but more is expected even from a second driver”.

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