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Shawn Kemp Opens Weed Shop in Seattle

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Shawn Kemp a 6-time NBA All-star is now venturing into the marijuana business. Kemp played for the Seattle SuperSonics from 1989-1997 as well as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland Trail Blazers, and Orlando Magic while in the NBA.

With all of those teams combined, Shawn Kemp played a total of 14 seasons in the NBA. Unfortunately, the SuperSonics are no longer a team, but Kemp certainly still maintains a large fan base in the Seattle area, which is exactly why he decided to begin his business in the city.

Shawn Kemp is going into the business with some help of two other partners who founded Main Street Marijuana. He should be set as Main Street Marijuana is booming within Seattle. The shop will be called Shawn Kemp’s Cannabis located in the city. Kemp will also be known as the first Black-owned dispensary in Seattle. The grand opening will be on October 30th and is even hosting a former SuperSonics teammate, Gary Payton.

Kemp’s hope is to have the best selection and prices in the Seattle area. In addition to the process and selection Shawn Kemp wants to be an inspiration for people of color to get more involved in the legal cannabis business. He should have no problem with this as he was already a major basketball star and many people’s idol throughout the years. As long as he is doing it legally people will follow in his footsteps.

Kemp also said in a statement, “I’m looking forward to welcoming Sonics fans on a regular basis, starting with opening day”. It will be nearly impossible to miss the store, because it has a huge mural on the side of Shawn Kemp. In conclusion, Shawn Kemp was a fan-favorite basketball player who will most likely succeed in the marijuana business.

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