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Shocking Wiretaps on Robinho’s Rape Case

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The rape dates back to the night of January 22, 2013. In a well-known club in Milan, the then AC Milan’s attacker sexually abused a 22 years old girl from Albania together with 5 other people. FC Santos terminated the contact.

“I’m laughing because I don’t care. The woman was completely drunk, she doesn’t even know what happened”. This is just one of the many statements of the former AC Milan player Robinho, broadcasted exclusively by the Brazilian channel Globo Esporte. Lucas Ferraz, a Brazilian journalist, came into possession of the sentence that certifies the conviction of Robinho to 9 years in jail.

In those same documents, there are the transcripts of the telephone conversations that Robinho had with some friends in the following months after the rape committed in 2013 in Milan. Robinho denied the accusations, talking about a consensual relationship: but in 2017 a court in Milan sentenced him to 9 years in prison together with his friend Ricardo Falco.

The wiretaps, broadcasted by the Globo Esporte channel, the main network in Brazil, concern some telephone conversations that took place following the events between the two friends. The recordings would have been fundamental during the trial to reach the conviction because they would confirm the guilt of the player and the friend who would also agree on the answers to be given to the investigators. They also added that they were calm because there were no cameras in the room.

In the transcripts of the wiretaps, Robinho talks about the rape and answers questions from friends who are concerned about him and the opening of the investigation against him. The release of these wiretaps has created even more unhappiness among the FC Santos supporters which have harshly criticized the club’s choice to put under contract a person convicted of rape. As a result, few days ago the football team Santos decided the consensual termination of the contract of Robinho.

This is the second case of rape who affects the football world in less than 2 weeks after the Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawsuit in Las Vegas.

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