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Shop Owner Pointed Gun at Trent Richardson during Dispute

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Trent Richardson gun pointed furniture shop deepersport

Trent Richardson is a former NFL running back, but was better known for his time as a college football star.

Trent Richardson played at the University of Alabama, widely known as the powerhouse of college football. While in college Richardson became an All-American running back, and won two National Championships. Going into the 2012 NFL draft, Trent Richardson was one of the top prospects with extremely high hopes for his career.

This led to him being taken with the third draft pick by the Cleveland Browns, aka career killers. Trent Richardson got a lot of touches there but the team was horrible which made him look good. After two short years, Richardson was traded to the Indianapolis Colts, and then bounced around on other teams practice squads. He then took his talents to Canada and the American Football League, what a fall.

This ex-NFL star is now in the news again for a dismal reason. Richardson was going into the furniture store to file a complaint, as a majority of the furniture he had ordered, was damaged or broken. With it all being worth thousands of dollars, who wouldn’t go in to file a complaint or get their money back?  From there the situation escalated quite rapidly, and the owner’s wife pulled out a gun and began waving it around at Richardson.

At this point, Trent Richardson began fearing for his life as anyone would and left the premises immediately. The current debate is who started the fight, who caused the escalation, and who really damaged the furniture. Each side is blaming it on the opposite and we don’t have any clear answers at the moment. This situation has now gone into the hands of the police and will be further investigated there.

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