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Should Danny Ings leave Southampton?

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A prolific goalscorer and a proven English Premier League striker, Danny Ings has gotten his career back on track in recent years after a torrid spell at Liverpool and he is having a pretty solid season so far at Southampton. But with his contract falling shorter and shorter, there is talk of Danny Ings not wanting to renew it and instead choosing to leave St. Mary’s. Is that the right choice?

By the time Danny Ings signed for Southampton on a loan deal in the 2018/19 season, his career was going through a very rough path. Ings was never a starter at Liverpool and he struggled massively with injuries, to the point that a lot of supporters of the club gave up on him. Joining Southampton seemed like a nice way to get his career back on track.

Things improved and arguably a lot more than what Danny Ings himself was expecting. His time at Southampton put him in the spotlight, especially during the 2019/20 season where he scored 22 goals in 38 in the English Premier League. It was the best performance of his career and it helped a lot with the Saints’ resurrection in that season after a very complicated start. So far this season, Danny Ings has scored 7 goals in 14 games and there is talk of giving him a new contract since the current one expires in June 2022. And while Southampton is keen to keep, arguably, their best player in the foreseeable future, it seems that the player himself is not too willing in signing a new contract, according to the rumors.

The question is: Should Danny Ings leave Southampton? There are reports of Jose Mourinho wanting him at Tottenham and I’m sure other English Premier League clubs are going to be interested in his services. Danny Ings is currently 28 years old and in his prime years, so he has to get the most out of his career while he can. Signing for a big club sounds like the obvious choice, but Ings has been down that road already at Liverpool and the mix of injuries and not being fully considered by the club was a big issue. As a result, there is no guarantee that is not going to happen again. He would have to join a bigger club that is in dire need of a striker of his qualities.

Being Harry Kane’s sub is not going to cut it for Danny Ings this time around, but he should definitely seize his chances and get a big move because he has worked for this in recent years and he currently has a very small window of time to make a transfer of this nature. I think the next summer is the right time for him to leave.

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