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Sinner pulls a magic move! (Video included)

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We all know that Jannik Sinner is one of the best upcoming tennis players our there. Sinner is able to show incredible skill and was able to give Raphael Nadal a hard time recently at the French Open. Now he has tried a trick which was pretty magic and unseen.

Sinner was dueling with Frenchman Gilles Simon during the quarter finals at the Bett1Hulks Championship in Cologne, which was eventually won by Alexander Zverev, and during the  7th game of the first set, the magic happened.

Sinner hit a few great shots that forced Gilles Simon to run all over the court. After a couple of quick exchanges, Jannik Sinner hit a pretty hard smash, in response to Gilles Simon’s volley from the opposite end of the court, but lost his racket in the process of hitting the ball. When Gilles Simon managed to hit the ball back over the net, Jannik Sinner, whose racket was lying on the court next to next, instinctively connected with the ball using his head in an attempt to send it back to the other side.

Although Jannik Sinner did not manage to keep the ball in the court, he certainly pulled of a shot that nobody had seen before, and was close to doing so successfully. I am sure the referee was happy to see the ball end outside the court, as it would have been hard for him to decide whether to grant the point or not.

The game ended 3-6, 6-0 and 4-6 for the Gilles Simon, but it’s clear that Jannik Sinner had the best shot of the night!

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