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Standing ovation for Callum Smith, such a great Champion!

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callum smith admit canelo alvarez was better deepersport

After the fight lost against Canelo Alvarez, Callum Smith has been interviewed expressing his feelings of last Saturday night when, for the first time in his career, the British champion lost a boxing bout as well as the WBA “Super” belt of super-middleweight category.

Last Saturday, at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (54-1-2, 36KO) broke the unbeaten streak of Callum “Mundo” Smith (27-1, 19 KOs), winning the WBA “Super” and WBC super-middleweight belts. Canelo Alvarez triumphed on points with a unanimous verdict. The British boxer was defending the “Super” WBA belt he won two years ago at the World Boxing Super Series tournament, overcoming his compatriot George “Saint George” Groves (28-4, 20 KOs) by knockout in the seventh round.

Canelo Alvarez made things pretty easy, taking the initiative of the fight right from the start against an opponent who had a height advantage of a good 18 cm (Smith is 191 cm, against Canelo’s 173 cm). At the end of the match Callum Smith showed signs of Canelo’s blows, especially on his left arm which showed a rather pronounced bulge. According to rumors, Smith will undergo surgery on the arm that, by the British man’s own admission, was targeted by the Mexican super-champion from the first round of the fight, soon discovering at his expense that it would become a key strategic move for the final result.

Yesterday, Callum Smith had a chance to speak for the first time after the match against Canelo Alvarez with the press and he behaved like a true champion. In a world where silly conspiracy theories on tampered gloves are multiplying and losers find surreal excuses, Callum Smith admitted the superiority of Canelo Alvarez. The British boxer mentioned that the strategy of Canelo Alvarez was attack at full force his left arm in order to cause damages and avoid the use of the left hook of Callum Smith, his best weapon. Despite knowing this plan, Smith had no chance of counter-attack protecting his arm due to the pressure and ability of the Mexican boxer. According to Smith, by the fourth round the left arm was gone and the use of his left hook completely deactivated.

Callum Smith, a great boxer and even a greater man outside the ring given the time and energy spent to promote autism awareness worldwide, told a “funny” joke which happened during the 12th round when the left arm was extremely swollen. Apparently, Canelo Alvarez looked at the bulge and smiling asked whether it was painful…

But the greatest part of the whole interview was when Callum Smith candidly admitted that even with two perfectly functional arms, he could not beat Canelo Alvarez and the swollen left arm is not an excuse at all. Applause, mate! We were already extremely proud that Smith managed to complete that fight on his legs when 99% of boxers would have gone down before the 12th round. Now, after this statement, we truly understand why Callum Smith is such a great respected champion!

Ps: Can somebody send this link to Tuscaloosa, please?

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