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Struggling James Rodriguez as Everton is falling apart

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The former Real Madrid man took the English Premier League by storm in the opening weeks of the season, but recent performances have been disappointing and Carlo Ancelotti needs to find a way to get the team going once again very soon.

When James Rodriguez started to perform in the English Premier League this season with Everton, it was looking like a match made in heaven. The Colombian was not only getting the playing time he really wanted after his struggles with Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid, but he was also being coached by a manager that was a huge fan of him, Carlo Ancelotti, who worked with him at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, and the entire Everton side was built around getting the best out of him.

At first, things seem to be great, with James Rodriguez running the show and pushing the team to the top places of the league table. But after a couple of games, especially after drawing 1-1 with Liverpool and especially after losing 1-3 against Manchester United at Goodison Park, Everton look like a team bereft of confidence and James like a player that is a shadow of what he used to be.

Personally, while I consider James Rodriguez a good player, his earlier performances with Everton were a situation where the English Premier League teams were not familiar with his and Everton’s playing style. It took a couple of weeks, but once there was no element of surprise and opponents found counter-measures, Everton started to slowly lose a lot of confidence and firepower, despite the great season that striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin has been having.

Overall, this is not the end of the season. James Rodriguez has been losing steam in recent performances, but he can get back on track and he also requires Ancelotti to push the team forward. This is a good team, and they can do better than they have in recent weeks.

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