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Such a nice surprise: Graham Potter and his Brighton & Hove Albion

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The biggest challenge for a coach is winning with an entertaining football. The coach and the team we are about to discuss may not be the most victorious team in the world, not yet at least, but definitely the most entertaining football team right now in the English Premier League: Graham Potter and his Brighton & Hove Albion.

One of the most entertaining teams of this season is definitely Brighton & Hove Albion thanks to the magic touch and attacking football of Graham Potter, who might be one of the most current underrated coaches in the English Premier League.

The former English left-back started his career as coach in 2010 in Sweden with the fourth division team Östersund, helping them reach topflight football, play Europa League with a tight budget and doing so while playing beautiful football. Slowly but surely, Graham Potter was making waves and gathered a bit of attention in his home country when Östersund beat Arsenal 2-1 in the Europa League at the Emirates Stadium. After a decent stint in the Championship with Swansea City in the 2018-19 season, Graham Potter got his chance in the English Premier League by taking the job of Brighton and he quickly turned them into one of the most attractive teams in the league, playing attacking football and being willing to challenge any team, no matter how big or small they are.

So far this season in the English Premier League Brighton have struggled and currently they occupy the 16th place in the EPL table. The main issue seems to be the ability of converting opportunities into goals. This is rather disappointing since the quality of football expressed so far is definitely beautiful and not been able to convert those chances is quite frustrating for fans who truly love the “bel gioco” or “beautiful gameplay”. Indeed, Graham Potter has managed to take a group of low profile players like Maupay, Lamptey, Bissouma, White or March and turning them into a very entertaining side that can go head to head against pretty much everybody in the English Premier League, regardless of the result.

A very interesting team to watch as well as a big and pleasant surprise for the football fans. As for Graham Potter, he is definitely a manager that is going to get a look or two by bigger clubs in the coming years.

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