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Tanguy Ndombele admits he wanted to leave Tottenham

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A player’s struggles can be large and varied, often depending a lot on the context, the club, the player’s personality and traits, the league, you name it. There is a lot that can affect a player’s performer, but there is also a lot of virtue in managing to overcome said obstacles. The case of Tottenham’s Tanguy Ndombele is a prime example of having to overcome a lot of issues to succeed in the English Premier League. But by his own admission, it wasn’t always like that.

In a recent interview, French midfielder Tanguy Ndombele has admitted that he wanted to leave Tottenham Hotspurs after a very weak and inconsistent first season, often struggling to perform and looking quite unfit. This was rumored during the summer transfer window and Inter Milan were a club that was very interested in the former Lyon man, but things quickly changed.

Apparently, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy blocked any possible transfer move for Ndombele and forced Jose Mourinho’s hand to work with him, which resulted in the Frenchman focusing a lot more to be a much more positive presence in the team. Last season he showed flashes of brilliance, but he struggled with being fit and his workrate wasn’t up to the task.

This season, though, is a completely different story. Ndombele has looked like the best player in the squad not named Son or Kane and has managed to add a lot of quality, class and key goals to a Spurs side that looks quite pedestrian when their star attackers don’t deliver. And in a lot of key games, Tanguy has been the difference-maker.

He has stated that he is a fighter and that he wasn’t willing to give up after he was given another chance in the English Premier League, which is something that has been shown so far this season. He has also managed to be in a much better physical condition and while he is never going to have the highest workrate, he looks a lot more committed in defensive duties, which is key in a Jose Mourinho team.

This is another prime example of how some players need time and patience to hit their stride in a new league and in a new team. A lot of football fans tend to be very unforgiving, but the reality is that players are not robots and they may have many different circumstances that perhaps are making things difficult for them.

Regardless, Tanguy Ndombele’s incredible talents are there for all to see and Tottenham fans must be very happy that Mr. Levy decided to block his transfer move. And all things considered, the Frenchman might have found his place in the world to thrive.

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