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Terence Crawford beats Kell Brook as predicted

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terence crawford beats kell brook deepersport

Terence Crawford retained the WBO welterweight belt after defeating Kell Brook at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Crawford, now 37-0, 28 KOs, remains undefeated and, arguably, the best boxer in the world, pound for pound, currently in activity.

We knew it was going to happen, we predicted it a couple of days ago, but nothing is like seeing it; Crawford’s boxing is too beautiful to be missed. Terence Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs) retained his WBO belt in the welterweight category against Kell Brook (39-3, 27 KOs). The bout, which took place at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas, has confirmed that Crawford is one of the top 3 boxers in the world currently in activity. Arguably, the best pound for pound.

Despite Kell Brook kept high the expectations with strong pre-fight statements and reputable commentators, including Amir Khan had some hope, Crawford is just too fast, experienced, skillful and smart to be contained by anyone who is not a world-class fighter. The fight started as expected: both fighters studying each others and Crawford trying to close the gap while Kell kept Crawford far with the jab. In the second round, again both fighters were more focus on not taking risks rather than bring points home. The jabs thrown by Kell also in the second round made the difference landing more punches.

In the third round, we commenced to see the real Crawford still landing less punches but of higher quality. Picking up the pace, Crawford definitely closed the distance in preparation of the fourth and final round, when the explosion of Crawford was too much for Kell to absorbe. 9 devastating punches and it is game over.

As we mentioned, Crawford is just too good for anyone. You come up as the bigger, as the faster or with a brand-new bodybuilder body, but still, the story does not change and the plot is written already. The doors of history are wide opened for you, Terence. Just few more steps to be remembered as one of the greatest boxers ever!

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