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The art of being underrated: Olivier Giroud

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Not a flashy player, not a massive goalscorer, but definitely a reliable player with a lot of clutch time. Olivier Giroud has proven to be a very consistent player throughout the years and his recent exploits with Chelsea have proven that while he is not going to be remembered as a football great, he has enjoyed quite a successful career.

Olivier Giroud’s four goals with Chelsea against Sevilla in the UEFA Champions League group stage this season was a great reminder of a player that perhaps has never achieved a world-class status, but was always very consistent and reliable when called upon.

Whether it was leading Montpellier to win an unexpected Ligue 1 title in 2012, having decent numbers at Arsenal while winning a couple of FA Cup titles, winning the World Cup with France in 2018 as the starting striker or getting accolades with Chelsea while scoring key goals, Olivier Giroud, 34-years-old, has always proven to be a player that can help in demanding moments and do so with an almost underrated flair to it. He’s never going to be an all-time great, but he doesn’t need to be because his career is not about that.

Olivier Giroud has proven that hard work, knowing your craft and always being at the team’s disposal is something that can make one heck of a difference at a time where the traditional number nine is often rejected. And when it seems that he is bound to be forgotten, Olivier Giroud comes on the pitch and manages to make a difference with the knowledge of someone who has been doing this long enough to get the most out of his own limited skillset.

No one is going to write great articles about Olivier Giroud. No one is going to remember him as the best striker they have ever seen and perhaps no one is going to call him his team’s favorite player, but they are definitely going to respect him and that is something that you can only earn through hard work and sheer dedication. The very definition of what an underrated player is: Olivier Giroud.

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