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The Day that Jamal Murray Entertained the World… Half of the World!

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Early in the afternoon on another March day of 2020 full of coronavirus news, the sports world received an extreme shock.

This came in the form of a leaked sex tape that was shown on NBA star Jamal Murray’s Instagram page. For those who do not know, Jamal Murray is the starting point guard for the Denver Nuggets, who are currently competing for a spot in the NBA Finals.

Returning to the incident in March, the sex tape was a video of Jamal Murray receiving oral sex from his girlfriend who also appeared to be naked. His girlfriend immediately deleted her personal Instagram page to prevent millions of people from bombarding her with comments or direct messages and rightfully so.

Jamal Murray also immediately took down the video and addressed the incident the following day. He claimed that his Instagram profile was hacked, and the hacker was responsible for posting that video to his snapchat story. While this is certainly a possibility, fans cannot help but wonder if this is the true story or simply a cover up to take back an egregious mistake.

Now that players are allowed a personal guest in the NBA Bubble, a wide variety of memes have been made about Jamal Murray and his girlfriend. Hinting at the idea that if he plays good, who knows how his girlfriend will reward him, you get the idea…

Another interesting thing to note is since the incident he has removed all pictures of his girlfriend from his social media accounts. If it was not obvious enough already, the main lesson here for everyone, especially celebrities is simply do not make a sex tape as you never know who might see it, or where the video may end up. Or, if you cannot control yourself and you have to make it, give us a ring first! 🙂

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